International Coding School for Kids & Teens
International Coding School for Kids & Teens

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Since. 2017
We Help Kids Unleash Their Potential And Acquire The №1 Skill Of The Future World
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Want to try programming for your child?
Teaching Kids Programming
What We Offer
The 4-month course where your child will become a professional game developer and make his/her first real-life project.

Junior Game Development
Child will learn basic programming concepts in a simple visual environment, making small cartoons and video games and most importantly, having fun!
Flagship Programme
For 11-17 y.o. Kids
For 7-11 y.o. Kids
Why CoeKids Academy?
In 4 Years, CoeKids Academy has become one of the largest programming school for children.

We Help your child develop academic skills applicable to any grade level, in addition to building critical life skillslike organization, perseverance and problem-solving.

We believe that introducing children to a world of algorythms, bugs and queues also develops their analytical skills, encourages collaboration and nurtures children's creativity.

In addition, 90% of today's workforce requires some basic knowledge of IT. Even if your child doesn't go on to code professionally, employers highly value their computer science knowledge.
All lessons are done in English!
Lessons Never Get Boring!
Explaining Theory concepts fun and interactive way.
Providing associations, illustrations & examples for better memorising and understanding
Working on a real life project so children can apply the concepts they just learned, solve interesting problems and learn to think like a programmer
Having Fun and playing around with the theme of the day
THEORY - 20m
FUN - 10m
Lesson Duration - 60 min
In CoeKids Academy every teacher goes through special training and to explain hard things the most simple and fun way
In CoeKids Academy
Our Award-Winning Programme
That will make your Child a real Game Developer in just 4 Months
Let's Dive In...
Topics Covered:
  • Interface and Components
  • Variables
  • If statements
  • Methods and script interaction
  • Game design Basics
By the end of the month child will know what being programmer feels like.
He/she will have a basic knowledge of the main programming concepts and will have the first project already in pocket.
In the first month child will get a taste of what programming feels like. He/She will go through the basics and will create the first small project by the end!
Just from the very beginning, children apply all the theory in real-life projects right after they learn it!
Practical Application:
  • Designing a small game map
  • Spawning in scripts
  • Turning objects into different colours based on IF statements
  • Creating a score system
Flagship Programme
Topics Covered:
  • Scenes
  • Characters
  • UI & Interaction
  • AI
  • Animation
Child will know all theory concepts and will create his/her 2nd project with more advanced features.

The goal is to give all essential knowledge so he/she can start working on something bigger...
The second month is fully dedicated to practicing and learning all essential theory concepts required for game development
By the end of this month child will create his/her 2nd project with more advanced features.
Practical Application:
  • Loading new scenes
  • Making Characters Interact with each other
  • Pop-Ups
  • Animation triggers & more...
Child will learn to solve problems and will get the first experience in working on a serious project.

We'll go deeper into the game development principles and use more advanced features in the child's project.
Child will develop skills Like:
  • Problem solving
  • Thinking outside of the box

  • Post-processing & VFX
  • Particles
  • Audio
  • Projectiles/Raycasts
We all know programming is not about just theory.
Starting from the 3rd month we'll no longer bore your child with it :)
In this month child will choose the big project he/she will be working on till the end of the course and will start working on it
We Believe Programming is all about creating unique interesting projects and learning new things in process.
This is the magic process which will transform the child from newbie to the real experienced game developers
Going Deeper...

Your child just became created the first game and uploaded it to Steam/Play Market to play it with friends and show to everybody!

Child will also receive the Certificate and will have solid skills in game development.

At this point we'll see how the child performs in programming.

We'll develop his/her strengths and toughen the weaknesses so he/she will become an ultimate game developer and will able to create further games by himself.
Course Result

Your child just became a game developer and have a solid programming skills. He/She've created the first game and uploaded it to Steam/Play Market to play it with friends and show to everybody!

Moreover, child have practiced such skills as:
  • C#, C++ Coding
  • Game Design
  • 3D Design
  • UI/UX
  • Front-end/Back-end development

He/she've got a taste of working in almost every area in programming and have wisely chosen the area to continue developing his/her skills.
Main Course
One Lesson
*Recommended for those who can only attend once a week.
32 Individual Online lessons
✔ Access to the closed student community
✔ Teacher Mentorship and support
✔ Weekly challenges
✔ Lifetime access to the lesson materials
✔ Gamified learning
✔ 24/7 Teacher Access
Lessons per Week
€85 / month
Pay Monthly:
Pay For The Whole Course (32 Lessons) and Get A €110 Discount!
Save €140
Course Includes:
Course Duration: 8 Months
(32 Lessons)
*Optimal number of lessons
Lessons per Week
€175 / month
Pay Monthly:
Course Duration: 4 Months
(32 Lessons)
Just Look At The Games Our Students Have Created!
Emma - 10 y.o.
Mark- 9 y.o.
Mike - 12 y.o.
Maria- 11 y.o.
James - 16 y.o.
Denis - 10 y.o.
Lewis - 10 y.o.
Maria - 14 y.o.
Lee - 13 y.o.
Ryan - 17 y.o.
Darcy - 11 y.o.
Max - 11 y.o.
Michael - 9 y.o.
Lisa - 13 y.o.
Oliver - 12 y.o.
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Meet Our Teachers
Edin is a computer science major from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He grew up in a family of teachers, both of
his parents are teachers/instructors. He's been giving physics, music and programming lessons ever since he was
a teenager and now he works as a professional game developer. He makes games for various platforms, including VR,
PC and mobile.

Why I teach: "I remember the joy that I had from learning new things when I was a kid. Weather it is learning a new
chord on a guitar or creating my first simple games. I love seeing that same joy in kid when they learn something new
and truly understand it."

Jawhar is a certified teacher from Tunisia who spent the last 3 years teaching in the mountains, just to help children as he would like to make the world better!

Why I Teach: “My job gives me an opportunity to prepare kids for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code and inspiring them to tap into their own creativity.”

Frequently Asked Questions:
Lessons are Offline or Online?
At the moment we provide only Online Lessons
What if my child gets sick and cannot attend the lesson?
Our schedule is very flexible. If you cannot attend for any reason, we'll find the time that fits you and reschedule the lesson.
What if I buy the course and my child will not like it after a couple of lessons?
No worries! We'll refund you all money for the lessons your child didn't attend :)
Online programming school where children can build their ideas into reality and create unique projects in a team of like-minded people!
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