Does your child love Roblox? There are 40 millions games on Roblox, and enjoying Roblox is great way for friends to hangout together. So why not go from playing to learning and creating, while having just as much fun?
Game Development Course
Play And Learn Coding At The Same Time!
Your Child Will Start Creating His/Her Own Games Even After The 3rd Lesson!
For students who already have some experience with block-based coding systems such as Scratch, Roblox Studio is a great next step.

Here, through a combination of configuring and scripting/coding, your child can create their own game world using a built-in 3D design tool and coding interactions with the world.
The 4-Months Course Plan
To Transform Your Child To A Confident ROBLOX Game Developer
1st Month
2nd Month
3rd Month
4th Month
We introduce the basics of Roblox coding while building fun games in this first part.

We will learn workspace, objects, and how to configure properties of objects such as color and texture. Students will learn how to code with Lua, and apply conditional, loops, and variable concepts.
In this part of our Roblox coding series, students learn how to build multiplayer games so they can invite their friends to play their games together - which is both fun and motivating! We will also go deeper with coding concepts in Lua scripting to learn functions and event handling, while continuing to reinforce previous programming concepts.
The learning and fun continue with part 3 of this Roblox coding class. We will move one big notch up to build two more fun games. You will learn how to create a little economy in your game by collecting goodies off a conveyor belt, earning coins, and exchanging for droppers and treasures. We will also learn how to build multiplayer games where players interact with in-game characters with some simple intelligence.
The last month we'll focus on creating a big project game using all topics covered before.
We will also cover advanced coding concepts such as tables, and fairly complex use of variables and functions.

By the end of the course your child will become a confident game developer and be able to move on creating professional level projects.
32 Individual Online lessons
✔ Access to the closed student community
✔ Teacher Mentorship and support
✔ Weekly challenges
✔ Lifetime access to the lesson materials
✔ Gamified learning
✔ 24/7 Teacher Access
✔ 2 lessons per week (lesson duration - 60 minutes)
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